Will DEMOCRATIT be the next election lightning catcher? With Eran Etzion

January 14, 2021

Once in a couple of years, a new kid comes to the playground of Israeli politics. That small party, which at many times nobody takes seriously, becomes the election's surprise and usually has the power to make an impact on shaping the new government. At most times that party also vanishes after a while - DASH in 1977, SHINUI between 1999-2003, GIL (HaGimlaim) between 2006-2009.

Those parties usually enjoy the support of many Left-wingers who are disappointed with the system and looking for something “New” & “Clean” without understanding the political game. 

In the upcoming election, we have many new players but only one is based on the Balfour rallies - DEMOCRATIT. 

My guest today is Eran Etzion, Democracy and Public policy entrepreneur and a Candidate in Israel's newly established DEMOCRATIT party primaries.

Formerly a senior diplomat and strategist who served as Deputy Head of Israel's National Security Council, and Head of Policy Planning in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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