Episode 3 - The Bibistillia demonstration on July 14th 2020 - Special episode with Nitzan Waisberg

July 19, 2020

The demonstration in Jerusalem on June 14th, got the nickname “The Bibistilia day”. Thousands of people demonstrated together to protest against the policies or lack of policies the Israeli government is taking these days. The demonstrators come from different backgrounds and different groups - One group is called the “Shulman’s” and represents the self-employed, another group is named “Crime Minister” and until recently was focused on demonstrating against the attorney general of Israel, Avichai Mandhelblit, who some of them saying was helping PM Netanyahu to get away from his corruption cases. Another group is called the “Black Flags” and focuses on demonstrating against the Anti-Democratic measures the government is taking and defending the supreme court from the attacks by the PM supporters. Along with my guest, Ms. Nitzan Waisberg I will explain what is happening and why people protest.

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