40 years to Operation Opera with Colonel Zevik Raz

June 7, 2021

If it wasn’t for Israel, the world would have faced a nuclear Iraq. But at 16:00 of Sunday, June 7th 1981, a squadron of 8 F-16A’s joined by 3 pairs of F-15 A's to provide fighter support took off from Etzion base near Eilat, on their way east, traveling a total distance of 2,200 kilometers (Roundtrip), below Radar at . 3 hours later all planes were back safe and the mission was accomplished - The Nuclear reactor named Osirak was destroyed.

The operation surprised the world, Israel was condemned by the international community, but in the long run was embraced for this bold move, as Saddam Housein’s Iraq was a threat to the area’s and the world stability.

Colonel Ze’ev (Zevik) Raz, who led the attack is here to share with us about the attack, the days before and the days after the attack, and what is the thing he is proud of the most (Surprise - NOT the attack!). Raz served as Squadron commander and the Israeli Air Force Flight School commander, and was decorated with Chief of Staff Citation (Ramatkal award) for his leadership leading the operation.


To watch a documentary on YouTube - Operation Opera - Israel's Raid on the Iraqi Reactor 1981

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