Why does the public need lobbyists?  With Rachel Gur

May 23, 2021

Lobbying, generally in the name of corporate interests, has become a permanent feature of policy making in most democratic countries, including in the US and Israel.   If the big companies are represented by lobbyists then who represents the people? Meet Lobby 99, the 1st and ONLY Public lobby which is working to represent the interests of the general Israeli public on a wide range of social-economic issues including banking reform, pension rights, healthcare and lowering the cost of living.  

 Rachel Gur, an Israeli attorney, who worked as a advisor to an Israeli cabinet member for almost a decade and now serves as Director of Policy at Lobby 99, is to explain how to advance the public interest for the vast majority of the public that cannot afford to hire corporate lobbyists to represent them in the halls of power.

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